Professional Wrestling hits The Zoo on Feb 2nd when Grindhouse presents THE PURGE!
The first show of 2019 is going to set the bar as 30 men get ready to compete in the annual HARDCORE PURGE RUMBLE where 1 man will outlast 29 others and become the number 1 contender to the AWA Heavyweight Championship! Beginning with 2 men in the ring, another competitor will enter every 90 seconds and can bring any weapon they want into the ring. There are no friends or alliances in this match as each man tries to throw each other over the top rope to the floor below and eliminate them from the match.
When the siren sounds, the Purge will begin…
Plus the AWA Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as RUFIO challenges the Champion, SHOWTIME Jake Nova!  The “Pirate Slayer” has been in great form recently, wrestling at the top of his game, and won a tournament to become the number one contender, but will he be able to beat Jake Nova who in the last year has defended the AWA Chanpionship and competed against, Robbie Eagles, Adam Brooks, and Will Osprey?
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