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BULLHORN are a dynamic nu-wave brass band, made up of 1 bossing drummer, 7 hard hitting horn players and 1 monster MC. With their roots in funk, soul, hip hop, reggae and dance music their performances inspire the most conservative audiences to make their way to the dancefloor.

Since 2011 BULLHORN have been brassing up stages in Brisbane, and surrounds. Introducing eager audiences to their modern take on brass band, fusing contempory styles on a vintage instrumental canvas. This collection of musicians has been taken from the cream of Brisbane horn players with each musician boasting years of high profile performance experience.

Their presence is formidable; eight people in all, armed with trumpets, trombones, saxophones, drums and the mighty sousaphone bringing up the rear. As BULLHORN starts to play audiences will experience huge rumbling sounds around them as they descend into a world of rich sonic textures created live, acoustic and real.


Fat Picnic all grew up in a big little town called Fat City. During their teens, some found paid employment as groovesmith apprentice’s or labourers at the local funk factory. When the local government was overturned by some smelly bandits, a group of young citizens banded together to resist their unfunky cause. The young citizens blasted the bandits with really catchy horn lines, great dancing tempos and ridiculously fun live shows. Dazzled by groove, the bandits were left helpless. By nightfall the city was returned to its true owners and a movement was formed. Their leader, Hughie suggested calling the group, ‘Obese Alfresco Dining’. However, after consideration, the group decided to call themselves Fat Picnic instead, united by a funky mission:
“To spread love and good vibes!”
These days Fat Picnic is a soul-ska explosion that preaches punchy horn lines and bangin’ reggae beats – culminating in an energetic and infectious live show! Corrupted by an unquenchable lust for groove and outstanding noises, their music ranges across dub, funk, soul & ska. Simply put, there just ain’t no party like a Fat Picnic party!



Folk ● Rock ● Psychedelia


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