What’s better than releasing one EP? How about two roaring, soaring, not-boring, banger-filled EP’s that’ll guaranteed rock your socks off. No really, wear extra socks.

Star Pupil and The Urban Sea combine forces to create the freakiest double header you will ever see, launching two much anticipated debut EP’s at The Zoo on Thursday the 25th of July.

Combining a classic rock style with the addition of keyboard and horns, The Urban Sea have created a soulful niche on which to paint their modern narratives of the ebb and flow of city life. 

After the successful release of their first single ‘Underground Love’ in March they have been busy channeling more soulful punk-poetry into a 5 track EP of their finest work yet.

Star Pupil rose out of the ground in late 2018, a new project and vision by Felix Lindgren, lead singer of The Dollar Bill Murrays. 

The Brisbane based artist, spends his time at the back of the classroom (not really), through thick layers of smoke he writes songs about the night life, the sunshine and all spaces in between. 

Take some fuzzy guitars and throw them in a blender with a dash of self pity, a bit of wit and a 3 day bender in the valley and you can start to imagine what its all about!

This one is not to be missed!


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