Hide yo kids hide yo wives, this Ekka Eve we are bringing the vibes.

Need some guidance? Hockey Dads and Drunk Mums will help you out.

Better than any ferris wheel and more bang for your buck than a show bag, be sure to claim your special treats up for grabs behind the bar. 




In the midst of  their SOLD OUT national tour with GRINSPOON, Hockey Dad take a break to play an extra special show for all misguided  kids out there.



Melbourne rock outfit Drunk Mums return with a new single ‘Ode To Death’ The first single of their forthcoming EP Denim.

The track continues from their recent homage of hard rock and punk heard on their latest release Leather. Taking influence from Johnny Thunders and The Stooges the band takes a step back with this one, or so it seems, considering the lyrics have a pretty bleak undertone. Don’t let that fool you though, it is still something you could probably show ya parents and hell they’d probably like it too.

Check out the video for ‘Ode To Death’ featuring the Grim Reaper.

‘Ode To Death’ is true to the Drunk Mums rock, punk, garage sound which has been witnessed in previous tracks ‘Plastic’ and ‘Nanganator’. Following the release of ‘Ode To Death’ Drunk Mums will roll out a small Australian tour with some of their favourite bands in support.

The four piece, have built a reputation for their rowdy shows over the years, having played at many of the country’s finest festivals: Cherry Rock, Party in the Paddock, Paradise, Sounds of the Suburbs as well as with the likes of Jake Bugg, Dune Rats and Rich Ramone.

Catch ‘Ode To Death’ live in August when Drunk Mums take their Aussie garage rock on the road.

“Delivering a dizzying blast of garage punk direct to the cranium, Drunk Mums whip up a potent frenzy of sick fuckin’ riffs in their ode to sharehouse living’s most vital appliance.” – Beat Magazine



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