Gus and Humblet are putting on a dual single release show at The Zoo Brisbane for their upcoming singles..
‘Know Idea’ [Humblet] & ‘Mysterious Stone Cat'[GUS]




You can expect passionate originality & an unorthodox stage persona with attitude. Created for packed dirty pubs, noisy skate bowls & epic surf roadies. 

Humblet’s creation is energetic, amplified & contagious, like nothing you have seen before.  Expect stuck in your head, up-beat tunes from this epic Brissy based 3 piece – Nick, TJ & Mitch. 

Born as a result of a decade with a guitar & a hammer in his hands, Nick brings wicked character and an eco ethos to the band. TJ is the magic to the wizard with his pure talent on the groovy bass. No epic band is complete without a loose long haired shirtless kid on the drums, Mitch.


Who is Gus? What does a Gus have for breakfast? Why are we here? These are questions. And questions make fools of kings and men of mice. Gus is a thick breeze. Gus is your dad’s favourite guitar solo. Gus is the voice in the back of your head that tells you to take the last tim-tam even though you’ve already had 3. Gus is going to the pub with your best mates. There’s a bit of Gus in all of us. He’s the part of you that reminds you to call your mum. He remembers your favourite song lyrics. He is your unbridled enthusiasm.
We’re just four guys who channel his big willy energy through a nice spot of post-grunge and indie rock. We like guitar pedals, dancing, and a good game of footy

8.00pm – Georgie Neilsen & the Growing Pains
9.00pm – Mcdermott & North (Band)
10.00pm – Humblet (Band)
11.00pm – GUS

Happy Hour Drinks from 7pm
Tickets $10


Photo ID required for entry.

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