Get ready for the EIGHTH ANNUAL MAN-VISIT!


Musician, music teacher and former radio presenter, Eddie Ayres

Author and journalist, specialising in surf culture, Tim Baker

Film and television producer, director and creator of the TV show, Cleverman, Ryan Griffen

Film, television and theatre actor, Victor Parascos

Playwright, theatre-maker, writer and podcaster, David Burton

The 2017 Oodgeroo Noonuccal Poetry Prize winning poet, Sachem Parkin-Owens

Academic, social campaigner, and former parliamentarian, Andrew Bartlett

Comedian, writer, radio presenter, creator of his alter-ego, Flacco, Paul Livingston

Songwriter and musician, Danny Widdicombe

Freelance journalist, author and co-honco of Pig City Records, Andrew Stafford


WOMEN OF LETTERS are inviting you to local hotspot the zoo to celebrate a glorious selection of the country’s finest and most wonderful all-male talent. These chaps will go where no man has gone before (or at least since last year) – into the celebration of the lost art of letter writing.

On Sunday, November 5, the Women of Letters team will bring together for the first time on stage a line up of gents yet unmatched. Keep eyes and ears peeled for the upcoming unveiling of all-star dudes.

The fine fellows will each be penning and reading a letter to ‘The Woman Who Changed My Life’.

There’ll be wine, friends and copious amounts of letter writing. Stamps and envelopes will be provided, and in the spirit of participation attendees are encouraged to pen short notes.

Men of Letters kicks off at 2.30pm, bookings severely recommended.




Photo ID required for entry.

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