18+ Professional Wrestling, Burlesque & Live Bands

Brisbane’s best Professional Wrestling show is set to hit Brisbane’s iconic venue, The Zoo, on Saturday
the 21 st of July for a show like none you have seen before!
The hit show, Grindhouse Wrestling, has been entertaining Brisbane wrestling fanatics for 6 years with
an 18+ only atmosphere, now we are ready to launch our biggest show to date, GRINDHOUSE: ONE

For one night only, return to the Grindhouse and witness high flying, death defying, HARDCORE
PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING with the addition of beautiful Burlesque and LIVE music by Brisbane’s finest musicians. With 5 big matches on the undercard and a huge 6 man TAG TEAM Main Event, it’s a night of Lucha Libre entertainment that you cannot find anywhere else!

Main Event for the Evening
3 on 3 Tag Team Match
Team 1- Jaxon Cross and Headstrong (JL Gold & Xander Sullivan)
Team 2- Next Level (‘Showtime’ Jake Nova, Jesse Love & Jamie Luxford)

This match has been building for months, now 3 of the top wrestlers in Queensland are set to go up
against one of the most tactical and calculating factions we have ever seen. Next Level cause trouble
everywhere they go, believing that they are here to bring AWA to the Next Level, they will stop at
nothing in order to get their point across, including jumping people unaware, and using their numbers to
gang up on individual wrestlers. Now three men have banded together to take on Next Level and fight
them on a level playing field. Cross, Gold and Sullivan are planning on stopping Next Level once and for
all at The Zoo on June 30 th . After having no luck in taking on the group one on one, these three men
believe they stand a much better chance as a united front against Jake Nova and his group. At
Grindhouse: One Night Stand, they will have a chance at revenge against the group of men who have
given them so much trouble.

“Great wrestling, loveable characters and all around awesome entertainment. By far, the best
wrestling on the aussie circuit.” -Josh Kable

“The AWA Grindhouse events are a must see, not just for wrestling fans, but also for those who wish
to have a drink and be entertained. The in-depth character development, audience interaction and
quality of the matches reflect the dedication of the wrestlers to their craft. With wrestlers from all over
Australia and New Zealand, as well as guests from the US and Japan, the match-ups never get stale
as there is plenty of talent to go around. So if you like Booze, Burlesque and Beat-downs all in a close-up environment with a tremendous atmosphere, check out AWA Grindhouse.” – Steve Litzow


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