1 x Crest Audio X8-HS FOH console (32 mono channels, 4 stereo channels
4 band eq with sweepable lo/hi mids, sweepable HPF, 8 subgroups with XLR outs
8 aux with XLR outs, 8 mute groups, all inserts have separate 1/4″ send and return sockets, 4 matrix mixes with XLR out)
1 x Klark Teknik DN 360 EQ
2 x dbx 160A compressor/limiter
2 x Turbosound LMS D26 system processor
1 x TC D2 delay
1 x Lexicon PCM80
1 x TC M1 multi effect
3 x dbx 166XL stereo compressor (insert)
1 x Furman PL-plus power conditioner
1 x Denon DNC-615 CD Player
31 channel multicore from stage to FOH, with split to monitor console


Stereo Active 4-way system
4 x Turbosound TA500 (active 3-way)
6 x JBL system 1200 sub cabinets
2 x AM 2200 tri-amp
3 x AM 3002 power amp


1 x Yamaha LS9/32 (32 XLR Inputs, 16 XLR Outputs)
2 x BSS FDS334 System Processors
1 x Active Monitor (listen wedge)


3 pairs of active wedges and an active drumfill (4 sends)
6 x active wedges across front of stage (15” + 2” horn)
1 x active drumfill (2 x 15” + 2” horn)
2 x AM 1k2 Power Amp
1 x AM 1600 Power Amp
1 x AM 3002 Power Amp
1 x AM 2200 Power Amp (Listen Wedge)


19 x Microphones (as follows)
1 x beta 52, 4 x beta 57, 2 x SM57, 6 x SM58, 3 x Sennheiser 604, 3 x Rode NT5, 8 x BSS active DI)
2 x Z-Bars
3 x Drum Claws – Konig & Meyer
18 x Mic Stands – 8 x short, 8 x tall, 2 x straight


1 x Projector Panasonic LCD (PT-F200EA)
1 x White Projection Surface (3m x 2.3m)
VGA and BNC cabled from monitor position and FOH. If controlled from anywhere else, artist must supply extra cabling.


1 x LSC 24/48 lighting console
1 x 12 ch Jands Dimmer rack
1 x Analogue 12 ch Dimmer rack (digital-analogue converter supplied)
14 x par 64 (8 on front bar, 6 on sides)
8 x par 56 (rear lighting trees)
4 x LED par64 (rear upright truss)
3 x 800w Fresnel


If you are interested in having a video at your next Zoo Show.

We have access to the model listed below. It will cost you $100 hire fee and will be hung and waiting for you when you arrive at the venue.

Please inform office staff if you are interested in using it at your show so it can be organised ahead of time.

If any damage occurs from your usage of the machine a bond will be held to repair the machine from the night sales, an invoice will be given outlining the repair costs.

1 x Panasonic PT – F200 EA
1 x VGA
1 X Video RCA – run from Front of House and Side of Stage
1 x screen for back wall of stage

Click Here to download the video specs.

Panasonic PT-F200EA Projector Specifications

Projector Model

Brightness (Lumens) :3500 ANSI
Contrast (Full On/Off) :400:1
Variable Iris:No
Audible Noise: **
Weight:6.2 kg
Size (cm) (HxWxD) :12 x 43 x 32
Std. Lens:Focus:Manual
Zoom:Manual, 2.00:1
Throw Dist 3.6 – 9.1 Calculator
Image Size (cm) :152 – 762
Optional Lenses:No
Digital Zoom: **
Digital Keystone:Vertical
Lens Shift:Horz & Vert
Warranty:3 Years
H-Sync Range:15.0 – 91.0kHz
V-Sync Range:50 – 85Hz
HDTV:720p, 1080i, 525i
525p, 576i, 576p
625i, 625p, 1125i
Component Video:Yes
Digital Input:No
Display:Type:2 cm 3 LCD
Native:1024×768 Pixels
Maximum:1024×768 Pixels
Aspect Ratio:4:3 (XGA)
Light Source:Type:250W UHM
Life: **
Eco-Mode Life:5000 hours
Speakers:3.0 W Mono
Max Power:330W
Voltage:100V – 240V
FCC Class: **
Special:RS232 Port
Status:Out of Production
First Ship:Apr 2008
Last Ship:Jan 2011

The projector will take VGA (regular computer monitor cable) and RCA (standard audio/video cable).
Both those cables run through the roof to FOH and FB.
We also have spare short RCA, short VGA and a VGA extension.
Any other adaptors needed to convert their device to VGA/RCA will need to be provided.  Things like MacBooks don’t always have a VGA out, so they need a connector to change the video output to VGA.