Sabrina Lawrie

They didn’t call her ‘Queen of the Underground’ for nothing and following the successful release of her 4.5 star Rolling Stone debut album in 2017, Sabrina Lawrie is emerging with a new sound and a fierce and forceful message.

Sabrina has spent the past four months, writing and co-producing her next record.  She has put down the rock guitar for the moment and is working on material in a more electronic and dark ambient genre.  The sound that has emerged carries with it an honest exploration of personal topics set to a beat driven synth soundscape.

It goes without saying that Sabrina has been a fundamental element to the Brisbane music scene. New single “NOPIATES” reveals a more personal side of Sabrina and discusses a sensitive topic surrounding addictions and raises awareness to seeking alternatives for positive outcomes.

“I was deeply affected by the news of another musical legend taking their own life due to the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs and it hit very close to home for me. After my own battle with painkillers following a serious spinal injury and the journey to drug free pain management, inspiration struck me instantly and I started writing Nopiates on piano when I still lived in the forest north of Brisbane”  Sabrina Lawrie

The song was produced, engineered and recorded by Sabrina and collaborator Ben Kerswell in her own studio, mixed by Konstantin Kersting (Tia Gostelow, The Belligerents) and mastered by Berlin engineer Cem Oral (Wu Tang ClanGwen Stefani, NIN).

“I had been exploring electronic sounds for many years but only really scratched the surface with a few of the tracks on my last album, so I decided to invest in my own studio and make a deeper commitment to writing with these new sounds that had interested me for a long time.  I’d already incorporated drone tones and ambient sounds into my live show along with the organic instruments, but where I am headed with Nopiates and a lot of the songs on the next album, is a brave new step for me.” – Sabrina Lawrie 

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