Sonicman is a Brisbane-based 4-piece rock/pop outfit with a large repertoire of original songs from their 3 albums Chaos (2016), Wild (2017) and Little Sick (2019). With members from America, France, South Africa and Australia the band boasts a diverse range of musical influences.
n 2017/18 Sonicman was the Queensland winner of Emergenza and competed for the national title at The Metro in Sydney.
Sonicman is Frank Detaille, Steve Hatcher, Adam Taylor and Rohan Johnson.
Founded in 2015, Candybomber is a 5-piece band that merges infectious melody with chainsaw guitars and jangling loveliness.
Influenced by The Jesus & Mary Chain, Teenage Fanclub, My Bloody Valentine, The Wedding Present and The Pixies, Candybomber’s sound harks back to the golden age of indie, but with a modern edge. Members Stewart, Matt, Anthony, and Sarah and Chris bring a huge range of influences to the band, helping to shape the sound into something unique.
Their debut EP “Singular” was released on US label Jigsaw Records in 2018, gaining fabulous reviews along with radio airplay in Australia, the UK, the USA and South America.
Their latest single “Spare The Dirty Look” is available from September 2019, and is a fitting end to the Candybomber story.
Hailing from the musical hotbed that is The Gap, Martyrs of Modern Progress (MoMP) are a 4-piece, guitar-driven rock band. Wearing their influences on their sleeves as badges of honour, they hark back to the glory days of the sounds of the Australian underground with an urgent relevance. Garage band blues meets power pop meets indie jangling guitar.
MoMP is Hayden Murray on bass, Farley Wheildon on lead guitar, Rob Johnson on drums and Ben Barber-Hays on rhythm guitar and vocals.


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