Strawberry Boogie – str b( )ri/ bu i/ 1. ‘A celebration of local
creative culture’ For anyone who hasn’t attended a Boogie before, we
have two core aims.
One, to celebrate the melting pot of creativity that
exists within our local realm. Giving a platform to exhibit these art
forms in front of like-minded rabble, we have welcomed everything from
live art, cinematography, visual mixing and independent fashion to
interactive concept installations.
What’s equally as important to us
though, is bringing music from all around Aus and delivering it locally,
putting these bands in front crowds that we know they deserve, but the
word might be a little slow getting out so far. Tickets can be found in
the bio link. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements and a few little
surprises along the way. Join us to celebrate and assist the growth of
this thriving creative culture that we’re currently lucky enough to be
immersed in.
+++ Strawberry Visions+++


Photo ID required for entry.

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