The Suburban Series – a music community-oriented event that has been on everyone’s lips since its first installment in August…

But… if you want something REALLY tasty on your tongue get ready for the announcement of your next five SAUCY, MOUTH-WATERING, MOREISH bands! Boasting a hugely successful introduction to the Brisbane music scene with a mega lineup and crowd turn-out to match, The Suburban Series promises that Volume 2 will prove just as rowdy.

Adhering to the series mission to showcase talent from not only Brisbane but surrounding cities and states, BREIZERS will be making their way up from that place down the road called Sydney to perform alongside some of BIGSOUND‘s favourites WHALEHOUSE and Mary Handsomee, as well as the legends from Twinfolds and Gold Coast rockers Hot Reno

With 2017 rumbling to a close, the 23rd of December insists on making it into your top priorities for end of year celebrations. What better finale to this year’s local music froth-fests than five power-house bands under the one roof for an easy $10? AND what better way then with your extended family (the Brisbane music community!) celebrating a few hours at The Zoo with some Eggnog*?!

The Suburban Series is continuing to grow, and with it is the Brisbane independent music scene. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it. Saturday 23rd December, The Zoo, 8pm.’


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