The Hidden Lanes Festival

The Hidden Lanes Festival 2018 is the culmination of Winn, Bakery and California lanes coming together to celebrate its collective tenants, that will wet the palette of its patrons in a festival celebrating fashion, food, music, art, and entertainment.

The festival has curated a range of discovery trails in Music, Heritage, Food + Wine, Fashion + Beauty, and Art that will showcase culinary creations, wide-ranging fashions, and exciting national acts including the headline performance from THE DELTA RIGGS.


*The Delta Riggs along with
Andrew Lynch. Asha Jefferies. *Astro Travellers. Ben & Anouk Ely. Dan Mumbles. Danny & India Widdicombe. Deejay Hotline. Don’t Trip on The Wire. Dopamine. Fallen Cities. Flex Cop. *Future Haunts. Gold Member. Graham Moes. Guy & Walt. Hannah Rosa. Harry J Hart Trio. Hemingway. Hope D. James Rigby. Jeremy Neale. McDermott & North. Minor Premiers. Mumgenes. Pocketlove. Pretty Cash. *Requin.
Salmon & The Peaches. San Mei. Seaside. Shag Rock. Sissybones. Smoking Tigers. Songwoman Maroochy. The James Wright Trio. *The Moving Stills. Tones & I. Whalehouse. Which Band. Yoste

A Love Supreme DJ’s –
Ben Chiu, Jak Beevor, Nate Sellin, Sean Bate, Thirsty Paul.

*Over 18 venue

Licensed event, minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No BYO alcohol.

++ PLUS ++


1. How do I do THAT with my brows?
The Brow Bakery – WiNNston Hair / Winn Lane
11.00am – 11.30am & 1.00pm – 1.30pm
Learn the secrets behind achieving that full brow whether you’re glammed up for a night out or have 5 minutes to spare before the morning school run. Stop by, see for yourself & ask any questions. You may even receive a complimentary brow session!

2. Filter Coffee Demonstration
Reverends Fine Coffee and Bar / California Lane
2.00 – 2.30pm
Demonstrating how to make great filter coffee at home.

3. Cocktail Demonstration
The Bowery / Bakery Lane
4.00 – 4.30pm
Learn how to craft your favourite cocktails at home.

4. Create Your Own Cupcake
Cakes & Shit / Bakery Lane
4.00 – 4.30pm
Unleash your inner little piggy and create our own personalised cupcake – decorate to your hearts content with lots of yummy shit to put on top – including some Cakes & Shit signature digitally printed edible toppers!

5. Pickle Your Fancy
The New Black / Bakery Lane
5.00 – 5.30pm
Learn the secrets of pickling at home from Head Chef Andrew Cameron, who will showcase a variety of pickling styles and ferments to get the most out of your produce on the shelf. With a very small Kitchen, The New Black’s experimental menu relies heavily on a variety of pickled ingredients to best use the storage space in the kitchen. Learn how to make the perfect burger pickles, sauerkraut, fermented mushrooms & Kimchi with a step by step guide and of course, tasting samples sure to ‘pickle’ the tastebuds.


Culprit Club / Winn Lane
2.00 – 5.00pm
INFERNO is an ongoing series of work developed from 2012 – present exploring the ideas of fire as a cleanser, a destroyer and an emergence for new beginnings.
Flourishing in the world of the underground Australian music scene, STAFFORD’s extraordinarily detailed, stippled, black and white illustrations, are fueled by heavy metal and punk iconography. His hellish narratives come to life though his incredible illustrations, creating a foreign and magical contrast between the exceptional, and terrible alike.

INFERNO will feature his original, unseen work including illustrations, ink drawings, prints and merch.

Website link –
Facebook event link:

2. Amped
Reverends Fine Coffee and Bar / California Lane 4.00pm – 7.00pm
From local bands and venues to large international acts and arenas, Amped is a live music photography exhibition featuring the work of five local Brisbane artists to be held in Reverends Fine Coffee on festival day, at 4pm.
Inspired by their own love and dedication for live music and photography this exhibit will show some of their best images which capture the energy and essence of what it’s like to be at a great rock show, a sold out stadium concert, a 4 day festival, or a sweaty and intimate local gig.
With a collective experience of nearly 40yrs shooting for a broad range of outlets including many music publications, touring companies, festivals and agencies, Amped will feature photography from Claudia Ciapocha, Bianca Holderness, Justin Ma, Markus Ravik, and Bobby Rein.


Parades by Labels:
Alice Nightingale
The Culprit Club & Lil J’s Vintage
Empire Dolls
Phoebe Paradise

Meet The Maker – Designer Panel
3:15 – 3:45pm
Phoebe from Phoebe Paradise.
Andrej from House of Ezis.
Hosted by Liz Golding.



Photo ID required for entry.

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