War Rages Within & special guests –
The Blackest Dominion
I The Divide
War Rages Within is an explosive unbridled force. Possessing an uncanny songwriKng sense, uKlizing old and new school influences with an extreme broad range of styles and dynamics. Yet having a disKncKve sound with an endless pool of driven riffs.
Live they are in their element, from the opening riff to the last scream, not holding back and delivering a massive grid of energy.
Formed mid 2013 when founding members Ziad Beydoun (guitars) and Zeno Kong (bass) were joined by Chris Gaydon (vocals) and Jason MarKns (drums). As a band they collecKvely began wriKng a fusion of metal, Thrash, post-hardcore and indie punk. Recording of their first EP enKtled Vitriol was released late 2014. The band also shot a video clip for the song Time Machine mid 2014. Shortly a_er the EP release, Chris Gaydon le_ the band to relocate Interstate. A_er a brief search War Rages Within successfully audiKoned Dmitri Drakinski as vocalist. The Band spent most of 2015 honing their skills into the Sydney live scene. Including a very well received opening spot supporKng Prong at the Metro Theatre.
2016 saw the departure of Zeno Kong and Jason MarKns. The recruitment of Mat Belange (ex-Brief Respite. Canada) Bass
and Nick Parkinson (ex- Larry Leadfoot) Drums, Has provided the band with a stronger rhythm connecKon and darker influences.
Armed with a new relentless set, War Rages Within are set to Record an anKcipated EP Mid 2017. They are ready and ever eager to unleash their music to the local, regional and interstate audiences across Australia and in Kme to the World.

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