War Rages Within – Vitriol (Self-Released)


Metalcore that reaches towards a thrashier tempo while sKll retaining a solid melodic base
is what War Rages Within seems to do best on Vitriol. The 5-song EP has no trouble dishing out the heavy riffs and fast tempos with some sinister screams (“Against All Odds”). But they

keep the element of melody present without catering to an overtly commercial sound either.
The clean vocals lack that cliché ring to them that many similar bands try to pass off as their own, someKmes offering an almost gothic vibe (“Cycle of Fear”). An enjoyable debut for the sound, the

se guys will be worth keeping an eye on for the future. – Kyle McGinn


Metalcore is known le_ and right all over the planet to just be some guy screaming at a really high pitched voice and another guy singing much more calmly and that’s about it. But as like with my favorite metalcore band, A Breach of Silence, “Vitriol” from (like A Breach of Silence, also, son of a bitch) Australian group War Rages Within isn’t like that. Instead its hardcore vocals aren’t as high pitched as most metalcore but are sKll hard and screaming in a way that I feel fans of the genre (hello) can respect because they work great alongside with the calmer vocals that have a marvelous sound. Also the guitars and drums just give this great feel and overall sound to each song that backs up the meaningful lyrics that I will leave for you to listen to and take it however you will. And then the cover art is just top notch when it comes down to (1) looking good and (2) providing a great illustraKon that gives a visual for the album overall. “Vitriol” is definitely a worthy metalcore album that is part of an elite group of metalcore bands that are transcending the genre and bringing more meaning and badassery to the music more than ever before, and War Rages Within is right up front with other such revoluKonary bands.

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